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Producer Series Lot 1 | Riverdale Estate

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Sourced from one of our newest partner farms, Riverdale Estate, this coffee owes its naturally fruity flavours to a very unique fermentation process - Papaya Fermentation. Hand-picked cherries are washed in natural spring water and chunks of papaya fruit are used to ferment the ripened cherries in air-tight bags for 72 hours.

Our Producer Series is a celebration of our coffee producers’ commitment to innovation and quality. This series celebrates our highest scoring coffees grown on nano lots, created by some of India's most visionary producers experimenting with innovative processing techniques. All of our unique, limited edition coffees are lightly roasted to preserve and highlight their beautiful fruity notes.

Please note that the Riverdale Estate is permanently out of stock. We will shortly be releasing information about our next coffee offering in our Producer Series. To ensure that you are the first to know about our limited edition launches, please follow us on social media or subscribe to our emailers.

Note: Each pack contains 200gm coffee.
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    Yercaud, TN

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"With fruity notes and a long, sweet aftertaste, this is definitely one of the best naturals we’ve produced."

- Ashok Patre, Producer, Ratnagiri Estate

About the Farm

Ratnagiri Estate is a Rainforest Alliance certified farm in the South Indian Western Ghats near Bababudangiri, the place where coffee in India first originated. The Patre family has looked after the farm since 1927 and their approach to farming has always placed ecology and harmony with the environment at the forefront of their work. Ratnagiri literally means ‘Pearl Mountains’ and gets this name from the dense Silver Oak trees that tower over its coffee plants, lending a silver hue to the hills where the farm sits.

Q+A with Ashok and Divya Patre

Ashok: It has always excited me to witness the many different flavour profiles that coffee processing can yield. I always wanted to produce coffees with unique taste profiles such as the ones grown in Central America. This is what inspired me to get innovative with experimental processing techniques, and my journey has just begun!

To read our full interview with the producer of Ratnagiri Estate, click here.
"The processing of this lot is perfect and hits a sweet spot! We wanted to do justice to the natural sweetness of this coffee and bring out the fruity notes of ripe strawberries, blueberries and guava.

- Santosh Kunchal, Blue Tokai's lead roaster in Mumbai

About the Roaster

To understand how this coffee was roasted, we spoke to Santosh Kunchal, Lead Roaster at Blue Tokai. Santosh worked on developing the roast profile of this coffee to bring out its complex and fruity flavours. Read his interview below to learn more about what he wanted to bring out in this coffee, the challenges he faced and how he feels about the final cup!

Q+A with our Roaster

A: As it is a natural coffee , it has a fruity profile with a rich body. So, it has been roasted on a small batch of 5kg with longer soak and caramelization times but with less development to retain the fruitiness.

To read our full interview with the roasting team, click here.

Brewing Recipes

Here are some of our favourite recipes for a range of brewing methods.

Cold Brew
Roast Degree
Coffee (g)
100g (approx. 1 cup)
Grind Size
8 (Cold Brew; Very coarse - similar to ground peppercorns)
Water (ml)
1L ( approx. 4 + ¼ cups)
Water Temperature
Room Temperature
Brew Time
16 hours
  • Add coffee and filtered cold water in a 1.5L vessel
  • Stir so all grinds are wet.
  • Add lid or cling wrap, leave on bench top at room temperature for 16 hours
  • After 16 hours, stir grinds and filter through muslin cloth or cold brew filter.

Our Roasting Schedule

This coffee will be roasted and dispatched from our Mumbai roastery. The next dispatch will happen on the 1st of March.