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Producer Series Lot 1 | Riverdale Estate

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Sourced from one of our newest partner farms, Riverdale Estate, this coffee owes its naturally fruity flavours to a very unique fermentation process - Papaya Fermentation. Hand-picked cherries are washed in natural spring water and chunks of papaya fruit are used to ferment the ripened cherries in air-tight bags for 72 hours.

Our Producer Series is a celebration of our coffee producers’ commitment to innovation and quality. This series celebrates our highest scoring coffees grown on nano lots, created by some of India's most visionary producers experimenting with innovative processing techniques. All of our unique, limited edition coffees are lightly roasted to preserve and highlight their beautiful fruity notes.

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    Yercaud, TN

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"Our vision has always been to introduce new fermenting techniques to see Indian coffee rise to global standards. We were really happy with the results we achieved, with this coffee scoring more than 85 on the cupping table."

- Prakashan Balaraman, Producer

About the Farm

Riverdale Estate is located in the Eastern Ghat mountains, in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu. This is the first year we have partnered with Riverdale and have not only been very impressed by its emphasis on quality but also by the way in which the farm’s owner, Prakashan, experiments with his coffees. The farm sits at an altitude of 1400-1450 metres and has a beautiful natural stream meandering through it, which, rumour has it, is from where the farm’s name stems.

Q+A with Prakashan

A: Coffee connects people, brings together communities and starts the day for millions of people around the globe. As a coffee producer I feel so blessed and humbled to grow coffee for everyone who enjoys drinking it. I find it really exciting to produce unique tasting coffee which generates curiosity among coffee drinkers!

To read our full interview with the producer of Riverdale Estate, click here.
"Papaya processed coffee was layered, its aroma was intense and fruity, to begin with, but it opened up so much more as it cooled a little. This coffee is one of the highest we've scored this year and we hope our customers enjoy it as much as we have."

- Shreyas Chitnis, Roaster

About the Roaster

Scoring a coffee 85 or higher is as much a tribute to the farms as it is to the roast profile. We asked Shreyas Chitnis, our Quality Control Manager and Head Roaster, a few geeky questions about roasting Riverdale’s offering.

Q+A with our Roaster

A: We’ve been trying to source coffee from Riverdale Estate for the last few years and are so thrilled to finally have them as one of our partner farms! The combination of being able to finally source coffees from Riverdale, as well as getting our hands on their experimental lots was very exciting.

To read our full interview with the roasting team, click here.

Brewing Recipes.

Producer series celebrates our highest scoring nano lot coffees created by some of India's most visionary producers experimenting with innovative processing techniques. Each of these unique, limited edition coffees is lightly roasted to highlight their beautiful fruity notes.

Coffee Amount
100g (approx. 1 cup)
Grind Size
8 (Cold Brew; Very coarse - similar to ground peppercorns)
Water Volume
1L ( approx. 4 + ¼ cups)
Water Temperature
Room Temperature
Brew Time
16 hours
  • Add coffee and filtered cold water in a 1.5L vessel
  • Stir so all grinds are wet.
  • Add lid or cling wrap, leave on bench top at room temperature for 16 hours
  • After 16 hours, stir grinds and filter through muslin cloth or cold brew filter.

Our Roasting Schedule.

We will begin roasting this coffee on 2nd October, 2020.