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Pour Over Starter Kit

Ideal for those who've always wanted to brew a cup of coffee but didn't know where to start from. Choose between our French Press, Cold Brew, Pour Over and Channi coffee Starter Kit and we'll ensure that you have everything to begin your coffee journey with!

The Pour Over starter kit includes a glass carafe, a plastic pour over cone, a scoop and 10 paper filters. And, of course, a coffee of your choice. We also send over brewing instructions to help you brew your best cup.

If you'd like to send your partner, friend, colleague or flatmate a customised gift to start their coffee journey with, look no further! Select the kit of your choice and enter a special message for them.

Choose your kit based on the number of cups you're planning to brew so we can grind your coffee accordingly!

1-2 cups - finer grind

3-4 cups - coarser grind


Pour Over Starter Kit

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