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Producer Series Lot 2 | Ratnagiri Estate

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Sourced from one of our newest partner farms, Ratnagiri Estate, this coffee gets its naturally complex flavours from Anaerobic Yeast Fermentation - a processing technique where yeast is added to coffee cherries. The unique floral flavours that this process yields include black tea, green apple, honey and coffee blossom. This coffee is heavy bodied with a long, sweet aftertaste, and is recommended for manual brewing. 

Our Producer Series is a celebration of our coffee producers’ commitment to innovation and quality. This series celebrates our highest scoring coffees grown on nano lots, created by some of India's most visionary producers experimenting with innovative processing techniques. All of our unique, limited edition coffees are lightly roasted to preserve and highlight their complexity of flavour. 

Note: Each pack contains 200gm of coffee which will always be roasted and despatched from our Delhi roastery on the date mentioned in the roasting schedule section below
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    Chikmagalur, KA

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"Experimentation is a huge risk which you have to take if you want to push the quality of coffee the highest it can go. It isn’t easy, but it is necessary."

- Asok Patre, Producer

About the Farm

Ratnagiri Estate is a Rainforest Alliance certified farm in the South Indian Western Ghats near Bababudangiri, the place where coffee in India first originated. The Patre family has looked after the farm since 1927 and their approach to farming has always placed ecology and harmony with the environment at the forefront of their work. Ratnagiri literally means ‘Pearl Mountains’ and gets this name from the dense Silver Oaks that tower over coffee plants, lending a silver hue to the hills where the farm sits.

Q+A with Asok and Divya Patre

Asok: It has always excited me to witness the many different flavour profiles that coffee processing can yield. I always wanted to produce coffees with unique taste profiles such as the ones grown in Central America. This is what inspired me to get innovative with experimental processing techniques, and my journey has just begun!

To read our full interview with the producers of Ratnagiri Estate, click here. click here.
"The processing of this coffee was very unique, a completely new approach of bringing in yeast and conducting an anaerobic fermentation. I believe that this offering sets a standard for Indian Arabica washed coffees given how clean and complex it is."

- Asif M. Salim, Green Bean Sourcing and Quality Controller

About the Roaster

The perfect roast profile is essential in retaining the unique flavour profiles of green beans. We asked Asif M. Salim, our Green Bean Sourcing and Quality Controller, a few questions about roasting Ratnagiri Estate’s offering.

Q+A with our Roaster

A: As this is a washed coffee, its flavour profile wasn’t overtly fruity. Instead, we found subtle notes of tea as well as floral notes of coffee blossom.
The challenge here was to do justice to these subtle flavours and roast this coffee just right to avoid masking the floral notes. It took multiple trials to get this right, but I’m so delighted to be able to bring this coffee to life!

To read our full interview with the roasting team, click here.

Brewing Recipes

Here are some of our favourite recipes for a range of brewing methods.

Cold Brew
Roast Degree
Coffee (g)
100g (approx. 1 cup)
Grind Size
8 (Cold Brew; Very coarse - similar to ground peppercorns)
Water (ml)
1L ( approx. 4 + ¼ cups)
Water Temperature
Room Temperature
Brew Time
16 hours
  • Add coffee and filtered cold water in a 1.5L vessel
  • Stir so all grinds are wet.
  • Add lid or cling wrap, leave on bench top at room temperature for 16 hours
  • After 16 hours, stir grinds and filter through muslin cloth or cold brew filter.

Our Roasting Schedule

This coffee will be roasted and dispatched from our Delhi roastery. The first dispatch will be on 2nd November, 2020.