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Channi Starter Kit - Light to Dark Roasts Assortment

Try them all! 

We’ve picked our best selling coffees for you so you can really experience which roast works for you and also understand firsthand how roasts affect coffee flavours. Our dark roasted coffee has a significant amount of that classic coffee bitterness that we all know so well, and is recommended to be consumed with milk. Our light roasted coffees are best had black to accentuate their fruity and acidic flavours. Our medium roasts, on the other hand, balance a mild classic bitterness of coffee with delicate hints of cocoa, roasted nuts and any other unique flavours that the beans contain naturally. Medium roasts can be enjoyed both black or with milk.

Product Specifications

- 1 x Channi
- 3 x 75g Coffees: Seethargundu Estate, Attikan Estate, and Vienna Roast
- 1 x Brewing Guide

How To Brew: 

Add approximately 7 teaspoons (14g) channi grind Blue Tokai coffee to your cup. Pour ½ cup + 1 tablespoon (130ml) hot water into the cup. Make sure this isn’t boiling water, as that will burn the coffee.

Let it rest for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, stir the coffee 10 times, and simply pour it through your channi into another cup.

Add more hot water or milk, based on your preference, and you’ve got a tasty cup of home-brewed coffee.

Channi Starter Kit - Light to Dark Roasts Assortment

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