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M.S. Estate Organic

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Our organic coffee from M.S Estate is a washed Ethiopian heirloom variety. Our roasters profiled this as a medium roast to bring out its complex aromas of caramelised peach and brown sugar, and dried fruit-like aftertaste. With sweet notes of milk chocolate, peach and golden raisin, this coffee is recommended black or with milk, brewed as an Espresso, Cold Brew, Pour Over or in the Moka Pot. 

Merthi Subbangudigy Estate, otherwise known as M.S. Estate, is located in the rolling Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. The high altitude, in addition to high levels of rainfall which can reach up to 350 cms per year, rich soil and evergreen shade have helped nurture the Arabica and Robusta plants that grow here. M.S. Estate is one of several coffee estates owned by Balanoor Plantations, whose experience in the coffee industry dates back to 1937. Amongst the Arabica, M.S. Estate grows Chandragiri, selection 795, selection 9, Kent, BBTC, MS Hybrid, Cauvery and Ethiopian heirloom. 

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Peach and Golden Raisin

Roast Level: Medium 

We recommend Channi Grind , If you don't have any coffee brewing equipment yet.

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  • Location

    Chikmagalur, Karnataka

  • Variety

    Ethiopian Heirloom

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