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High Mountain Oolong Tea

Vadham’s pyramid tea bags contain pure loose leaf teas making it easy for customers without tea brewing equipment to brew our favourite teas.

Each box contains 15 tea bags.

Flavour notes: Robust, full bodied, fruity flavour with a Grapefruit finish.

Brewing recipe: Steep for 4-5 minutes in water heated to 80-90 degrees C. Please do not use boiling water.

Vahdam’s High Mountain Oolong is custom-manufactured in the beautiful Giddapahar and Okayti Tea Estates of Darjeeling. This Oolong tea is smooth, robust, full-bodied, and tipped with fruity flavors with a Grapefruit finish.

An extraordinary Oolong blend, this is Vahdam’s master blender's favourite! With its robust and bold flavours, this Oolong was curated by bringing together premium second flush Oolong leaves.

About the estates:

Okayti Tea Estate : Located in the blissful Mirik Valley in Darjeeling district, this scenic estate was established in the 1870s and is one of the oldest tea estates in the region. Also known by its local name ‘Rangdoo’, the estate spans over a total area of 647.49 hectares out of which 208.82 hectares in under cultivation. Owned and run by the Khumbat Family, the garden produces the best orthodox First Flush and Second Flush Darjeeling black teas, and select varieties of green and white teas. Located very close to the Indo-Nepal border, this estate offers picturesque views of the Mechi River and its surrounding habitat.

Giddapahar : The famous Giddapahar Tea Estate is located in the heart of the scenic Kurseong Valley in Darjeeling. A relatively small tea garden, run by the Shaw Family, this estate has a total area of 115 hectares, out of which 94 hectares is under cultivation. The lush, beautiful plantation is situated at a height of 4864 ft. above sea level. The garden grows Chinary, Clonal and Assam, including the premium AV-2 and P-312 varieties of tea bushes. Owing to the low temperatures and the soil type in the location, Giddapahar Tea Estate is known for its flavorful first flush Darjeeling teas which have a heady, invigorating aroma. The quality further peaks in the Second Flush with rich muscatel teas. The garden also produces delectable select batches of green teas in the month of July every year.

High Mountain Oolong Tea

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