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Habbit Super Shake | Vintage Vanilla

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The all-in-one daily shake for the family. The Super Shake is a nutrient dense premix you can add to milk or water to make a tasty shake for yourself. One Scoop of the Habbit Super Shake contains essential fibers, proteins, healthy omega, vitamins & minerals.

All Taste, No Sugar
Great taste without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners and is suitable for diabetics.

Complete Nutrient Mix
30+ Essential Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, Omega for your daily needs.

Full Body Wellness
Supports immunity, heart and bone health. Cognition, strength and recoery.

Scale Friendly
Keeps you full and energetic and assists weight loss.

Suitable for all
A lot of us don’t end up meeting our daily nutrition requirements from the food we eat. The Super Shake has all the necessary components needed to complete your daily nutrition. Ideal for all age groups. 

About The Habbit Health

Habbit's mission is to make every single item you or your family consume to be as healthy as possible, while maintaining the same delicious taste! This allows nutritious products to fit seamlessly into your daily lifestyle, thus helping you be healthy, without ever compromising on experience, or changing behavior, or making sacrifices.