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Habbit Green Variety Box

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The creamiest, most flavourful vegan protein you can get your hands on, made from hand-selected organic yellow peas.

- Habbit Green is 100% plant-based protein, made with organic yellow peas.
- Available in 7 flavours : Vintage Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Mega Mango, Cafe Latte, Strawberry Feels, Banana Drama and Cookie Dough.
- Each single serve pack of Habbit Green contains 25gm of protein.
- Proteins aid faster recovery, better skin, nails and hair. Improves hearth health and metabolism.
- Suitable for all. 100% vegetarian and plant-based.
- Natural and organic protein with zero sugar, no lactose, minimal carbs and fats.

About The Habbit Health

Habbit's mission is to make every single item you or your family consume to be as healthy as possible, while maintaining the same delicious taste! This allows nutritious products to fit seamlessly into your daily lifestyle, thus helping you be healthy, without ever compromising on experience, or changing behavior, or making sacrifices.

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