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Goorghully Estate

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About 20kms away from Manjarabad Fort, which was created by Tipu Sultan, lies Goorghully Estate. Nestled at an elevation of 1040m, the estate was first started by British planters, F G Foster and Margret Brook, in 1940. The estate is best recognised for producing high quality Arabica.

This offering consists of S795 and Chandragiri varietals and its roast profile highlights warm, Christmassy notes of mulberry, clove and red apple. This red honey sun dried processed is perfect for espresso based or manual brewed

Roast Level: Medium
Tasting Notes: Mulberry, Red Apple, Clove

We recommend Channi Grind , If you don't have any coffee brewing equipment yet.

  • Altitude


  • Processing

    HSD (Red Honey)

  • Location


  • Varietal

    S795 & Chandragiri

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