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Coovercolly Estate

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Coovercolly Estate is set amongst the rugged parklands of Northern Coorg.The Estate was established in 1863 by the Mangles Brothers whose management of the estates won it acclaim in the London Auction as early as 1914.

The handpicking in Coovercolly takes place over multiple rounds. The coffee is carefully sun dried, an energy efficient process that also brings out the sharp acidity and rich flavour that coffee from this estate is known for.

The light roast, with flavours of red grapes ,lemons and soft spices , is particularly recommended for coffee drinkers who prefer their coffee black, fruity and with no aided milk. If you love the Pour Over as much as we do, this coffee is definitely for you.

Roast Level: Light 

Flavor Notes: Red Grapes, Lemon, Mild Spices

  • Altitude


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  • Location

    Coorg, Karnataka

  • Varietal

    S795 + S9

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