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Coffee and Cheese Tasting Workshop

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Embark on a journey into the rich flavors of coffee and cheese at our exclusive tasting workshop, in collaboration with Bombay Fromagerie—a cheese brand focused on celebrating India's diverse culinary heritage and the craftsmanship of local terroir-inspired, ethically-sourced cheeses that support marginalised communities, with a strong focus on pastoral varieties.

Indulge in the serendipitous delights of artisanal cheeses in all their pastoral elegance, complemented by India’s finest, freshly roasted brews.

Highlights of the workshop: -

  • Coffee tasting: Sample a selection of our finest, freshly roasted specialty brews. Discover the intricate flavour profiles, aromas, and origins behind each cup, guided by our expert baristas. 
  • Sensory Cheese Tasting: Delight your senses with a curated selection of fine cheeses sourced from India and around the world. Explore the diverse styles, tastes, and nuances that make each cheese unique. 
  • History and Craftsmanship: Dive into the fascinating history of coffee and cheese, uncovering the secrets of their craftsmanship, cultural significance and evolution. 
  • Pairing Perfection: Elevate your palate as you learn to pair cheeses with a variety of accompaniments, discovering the perfect balance of flavours and textures.Learn the principles and etiquettes of pairing for delightful combinations of cheese and coffee.
  • Care and Preservation: Master the art of coffee and cheese care, from proper storage techniques to maintaining optimal freshness. Learn invaluable tips to ensure your coffee beans and cheeses remain at their peak for indulgent moments to come.  

Date: Sunday, 9th June, 2024 
Timings: 11 AM - 1 PM
Venues: Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, New Excelsior, Fort, Mumbai 

Please note that the tickets for this event are non-refundable and you cannot transfer your ticket to a future event.