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Channi Coffee Kit

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Each hamper includes:

  • Pack of 3 x 75g Coffee Pouches
  • Benki Channi
  • Coffee Brewing Guide

Product Details

Looking to brew delicious coffee in just a few minutes without any complicated equipment? Try our Channi Starter Kit which makes sure you can brew great tasting specialty coffee at home.

Each starter kit contains:

- 1 x Channi
- 1 x Brewing guide
- 3 x 75g Coffee pouches

Choose your coffees from our selection specially curated to give you a flavourful brew using a channi.

Dark Roasts

Our dark roasted coffees have a significant amount of classic coffee bitterness and are recommended for those who like a more robust, bold cup with very little acidity. This roast profile is usually consumed with milk. 

The coffees in this selection include Dhak Blend, Vienna Roast, and French Roast.

Medium Dark Roasts

Our medium-dark roasts have a bolder flavour profile as compared to our medium roasts, and have chocolatey, nutty taste notes with a slight classic coffee bitter kick, and a lingering aftertaste.

The coffees in this selection include Attikan Estate, South Indian Filter Blend and Sandalwood Estate.

Medium Roasts

Our medium roasts balance the classic taste of coffee with flavours that vary from fruity notes to delicate hints of caramel and toffee.

The coffees in this selection include Silver Oak Cafe Blend, Thogarihunkal Estate and Hardoor Estate.

Assorted Roasts

If you are still not sure which roast to go with, we picked out our best selling coffees across roast profiles for you to sample them and identify the roast profile that works best for you.This is also a great choice to understand firsthand how roast levels affect flavour notes in coffee. 

The coffees in this selection include Cold Brew Blend Light, Attikan Estate, and Vienna Roast.

How To Brew: 

  • Put the channi over your mug and add 14g coffee to your cup (approximately 7 teaspoons).
  • Pour 140ml hot water and stir a few times.
  • Cover the cup with a coaster or small plate to retain the heat and leave for 4 minutes
  • At 4 minutes, stir a few more times and pull the channi up from your cup.
  • Top up with heated milk or hot water to taste.