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Carter Move Coffee Mug

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Fellow’s Carter Move Mug is designed to enjoy your favourite brews on-the-go! The snap-in splash guard keeps your coffee from spilling, while the slim width ensures that this to-go tumbler is easy to carry around, and fits in most car cup holders. This travel mug is compatible with most drippers, with the exception of the AeroPress coffee maker or the Prismo AeroPress attachment. 

Carter Move Mug is available in two colours: matte black and matte white.

Key Features: 

  • Snap-In Splash Guard: Enjoy your brew spill-free while commuting with the splash guard. Sudden bumps and stops on the road? This mug’s got you covered.
  • Drinkable thin lip
  • Leak-proof seal 
  • Heat-lock double wall vacuum: The insulated stainless steel retains heat for 12 hours and also keeps your brew cold for 24 hours