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Baked Brownie

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The taste of a rich chocolate brownie without the high calories! The perfect pre and post workout snack made with whey protein blend, almonds, flax seeds and dark chocolate.

Each bar contains:
- 20g protein per bar: From whey protein concentrate and almonds. The bars are soy free.
- 10g prebiotic fibre: Promotes gut microflora and gut health.
- 300mg omega 3s: Alpha-linolenic acid from flax seeds.
- Healthy fats: 4:1 unsaturated to saturated fats ratio.
- Lowest net carb: 7 to 8g

About the brand

 Yoga Bar is inspired by all that good food and nutrition brings us – health, positive energy and with it endless possibilities!

Here to make snacking healthy, Yoga Bar's philosophy is simple - to create a brand that consumers trust for nutrition, great taste and quality. All the protein bars by the brand contain no artificial colors, flavours, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oil.

You can read more about Yoga Bars, here.