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Baarbara Estate - Intenso Yeast

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Select channi grind and use your tea strainer to make delicious coffee.

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Natural (Intenso Yeast)


Chikmagalur, Karnataka



Headstarting this year’s exciting Producer Series 2023 is an experiment from Baarbara Estate. After being carefully handpicked and sorted, coffee cherries were washed with the stream of water which flows down the estate. Then began the true experiment. Intenso yeast was mixed and fermented with the cherries for 72 hours and post the fermentation, the cherries were dried on raised beds for a minimum of 20 days. Thus, resulting in this beautifully vibrant coffee, with tasting notes of honey and marigolds.

About the producer

Sreeraksha Purnesh is a 4th generation coffee producer from Baarbara Estate in Chikmagalur. He’s been producing specialty coffee for more than 10 years now and aims to take Indian specialty coffee to the international stage.

About the roaster

Our second employee, Subham Das is one of our longest-serving and most cherished roasters. His favourite part about roasting is noticing how everyday changes like humidity and temperature play a big role in the kind of flavours the same coffee produces.

Tasting Notes: Honey, Marigolds, Pomegranate, Perfume

Roast Level: Light

About Baarbara Estate

Deeply committed to sustainability, this estate is run by the third generation of seasoned Chikmagalur coffee cultivators from the Indavara family that owns MG plantations. The family has cultivated coffee for over 120 years and has shade-grown Selection 795 Arabica on the hills of the Western Ghats.


Brewing Guides


18g Coffee Amount
89°C Water Temperature
2:30 Minutes Brew Time
240 ml Water Volume
Aeropress Grind Size

Brewing Method

  • Pre wet the filter paper, place it on the cap and lock into the chamber.
  • Add 18 grams of coffee and start the timer.
  • Pour 240 ml water and stir 5 times.
  • After 2 minutes. plunge slowly to extract good flavours in the cup.


15g Coffee Amount
88°C Water Temperature
3.30-4mins Brew Time
250ml Water Volume
Pourover Grind Size

Brewing Method

  • Rinse filter paper with hot water to preheat the cone.
  • Discard the waste water.
  • Add 15 grams of coffee and start the timer.
  • Pour 50 ml water and swirl the cone thrice.
  • After 30 seconds, add 50 ml water and stir twice.
  • After one minute pour 150 ml water and let it drip through.

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