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The Atmos vacuum-sealed cannister keeps your coffee fresher for longer by locking out the moisture with it's unique technology. It has an integrated vacuum pump in the lid, which can be activated by twisting the lid back and forth. This removes the oxygen inside the cannister and creates a vacuum seal to keep your coffee from going stale. There is a vacuum lock indicator to let you know if it is active and a release button which brings the air pressure back to normal when you need to open up the jar and get to your coffee.

The 0.7L cannister holds upto 300 gms of whole coffee beans. 
The 1.2L cannister holds upto 450 gms of whole coffee beans. 

• Vacuum-seal for longer freshness - simply twist the lid back and forth
• Easy release button and vacuum lock indicator 

Its available in clear glass body and black matte body which acts as extra protection against sunlight.


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