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8 Delivery Subscription - Producer Series

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Our Producer Series is back with 8 new coffees from this year's harvest. As many of these coffees are available in very limited quantities, we're offering our customers the opportunity to pre-book all 8 instalments in advance.  In addition to ensuring you won't miss out on any of these unique coffees, we'll also send an extra 10% with each instalment - 225g versus our normal size of 200g.   

This year’s rare and incredibly high-scoring lots come from the estates we partnered with last year as well as some new estates! We’ve experimented with newer processing methods with our old partners, and included some new farms who had elevated their processing this year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When will I receive my coffees?

You will automatically receive your instalments during the first roast of each new launch.  The first coffee will be shipped around September 24th and each subsequent instalment will be launched approximately every 3 weeks thereafter. Unlike most of our normal coffees which are roasted in each of our three roasteries, each instalment of the producer series will only be roasted in one location, and these will rotate across our Bangalore, Delhi and Bombay facilities.

2. Can I change the dispatch date?

Possibly.  You will receive an email announcing each launch along with the dispatch date.  If you would like to delay this instalment please email us at and we will try to accommodate your request.  However, for some of the releases we will only have one roast date and in that case, we won't be able to make any adjustments.  

3. What coffees are part of the series?

All of the coffees in the series are produced using experimental processing methods and have scored above 85 points by our Q-graders on the SCA scale.  In addition to the estates that were featured last year - Riverdale and Ratnagiri - this year, Harley and Kerehaklu Estates have also produced some exceptional coffees that will be featured.  

4. What is the last date to subscribe?

We will keep pre-bookings open until September 22nd, after which it will only be possible to buy each coffee individually once it is launched.

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