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French Press Recipes

  • Darker roasts require cooler temperature water, too high and the brew will easily over extract and taste bitter.
  • Lighter roasts require higher temperature water. Light roasts are more dense and need hotter temperatures to extract the flavours.
  • Slow Plunge is key! Always allow 45 seconds to 1 min for plunging. Plunging too fast will make a gritty, unclean cup.
  • For Lighter- medium roast coffees, a few stirs of the brew just before plunging takes away sourness, No stirring before plunge with dark roasts.
Equipment Needed
  • French Press
  • Ground coffee
  • Spoon
  • Cup
  • Water
  • Kettle
  • Scales if possible, otherwise follow eye measurements
Riverdale Estate - Light Roast
Nice balanced dark chocolate and Caramel, orange and hazelnut notes
By Measurement
By eye
Coffee Amount
20g 3 Tablespoons
Grind Size
Depends on grinder Very Coarse - similar to ground peppercorns
Water Volume
240ml 1 cup
Water Temperature
94 ℃ 1.30 mins off boil
Brew Time
4.30 Minute 4.30 Minute
  • Add 20g of coffee into your French Press
  • Pour 40ml of hot water
  • Stir 10 times to wet all of the coffee and leave until 30 seconds
  • Pour to 240ml
  • Add lid and leave til 3.30mins
  • At 3.30 mins, stir a few times until grinds fall to the bottom then very slowly plunge over 1 minute
  • Serve into cups straight away to avoid over extracting the coffee.