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Celebrating 10 years of Blue Tokai

When we took the first step into the world of specialty coffee in India, we were not alone. This journey is also a celebration of our relationship with all our partner farms, cherry pickers, our green bean pickers, roasters, baristas, all our employees, and you.
We’ve roasted some special coffees and organised a range of events at our cafes to celebrate this milestone with you. We invite you to join us in the celebrations!

Birthday Blend

A limited-edition Birthday Blend, the most special we’ve ever made. This one consists of coffees from 10 different estates, each signifying one farm we partnered with each year.
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Party Pours

For the first time, we’ve packed our highest scoring experimental coffees as Easy Pours. Get your hands on these and start brewing delicious coffee, anytime, anywhere.
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Music, art and coffee — we’ve planned a wide range of very special events covering everything that’s close to our hearts. Check out all of them!
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