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Biccode Estate


 Biccode Estate is located 10 Km. from the  Heritage Temple Town of  Belur  on Belur – Sakleshpur highway.  The estate spread over 332 acres is situated at an altitude of 3300 ft – 3400 ft above sea level.  The estate is part of Lingapur Estates Limited, which owned and managed by the esteemed Mr. Murali Vaidhyanathan, whose family has deep roots in the Karnataka coffee industry.   Rich soil and an abundance of shade trees make for ideal growing conditions for the Robusta and Arabica grown on the estate.  In addition to the coffee, the estate is inhabited by over 50 species of  birds and frequented by wild boar and deer.

The estate receives annually 50-55” rain and a network of tanks are used to collect and conserve rainwater. In addition, a soil enrichment program incorporates traditional practices along with enriched compost to ensure the plants receive the proper nutrients. Three rounds of ripe fruit picking are practiced to obtain maximum washed coffee.  After the hand picking, the fruits are pulped and washed before being sun dried on elevated trays.  All effluents are treated to preserve the environment.  

The coffee is processed / cured in the company’s own Curing Works at Hassan. The Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold from Biccode are the foundation of our annual Winter Blend, available as a single estate coffee at the Delhi Duty Free Services and are used in custom coffee blends for some of our cafe partners.

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