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Bartchinhulla Estate

Bartchinhulla Estate is a family run plantation, located in Hanbal, Sakleshpur, Karnataka at an altitude of 1000m. Spread out over more than 600 acres, both Arabica and Robusta are grown along with many intercrops including pepper, cocoa, cardamom and arecanut.  

The estate was founded in the mid 1850's by Mr Robert Henry Elliot, who was a pioneer in Indian coffee.  Long before single estate became synonymous with the speciality coffee movement, Robert Elliot was selling Bartchinhulla Estate's coffee and cardamom in the London Stock Exchange under the estate  name.  

All fields on the estate are processed lot wise and cured under the supervision of Chamundi Curing Works in Chikmagulur.  The coffee is processed in their UTZ certified curing works and has won consecutive gold medals at the 2014 and 2016 India International Coffee Conference (IICF).