Balmaadi Estate



Balmaadi Estate is located 4000-6000 feet above sea level in the Nilgiris and 50kms away from the well known hill station of Ooty. The organic and biodynamic grown coffee from the award winning farm meets the strict regulations set by the IMO in Switzerland and the Coffee Lab in Bangalore.


Founded in the 1800s by John Ouchterloney, the estate practices ancient Vedic processes along with more recent biodynamic processes established by Rudolph Steiner. Balmaadi makes its own ‘panchagavya’ which translates to  ‘mixture of five products’ in Sanskrit, referring to the dung, urine, milk, curd and ghee used to make a potent organic fertilizer and pesticide. It comes as no surprise then that Balmaadi is the anglicised name taken from ‘Palmaadi’ which means the udder of a cow in Tamil. Adding to the tradtiion followed on the farm, every morning at Balmaadi plantation starts with an ‘agni hotra’ or salute to the sun god. The ashes from this offering are spread out through out the estate as a pest repellent.


In addition to the niche, small lots of high quality specialty Arabica, the estate also grows tea and cardamom. The coffee shrubs are surrounded by old jack fruit trees, cedars and neem trees. The wildlife that inhabits this estate includes monkeys, a wide variety of birds and elephants.