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Microlot Varadymullai Estate

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Our first microlot of the year is located in the Attapadi Hills in Kerala and is a Flavour of India Award recipient. The tributaries of the Bhavani River runs through the estate allowing it to grow other crops like cardamom, tea and pepper in addition to coffee.

Incorporated in 1945, Siruvani Estate pans 2000 acres of which 241 are dedicated to Arabica and 131 to Robusta. S9, Chandragiri and San Ramon Arabia are some of the varietals grown here. Each step of the harvesting and curing process takes place on the estate allowing it to ensure that the beans that reach us are of the highest quality.

The flavour notes in this light roast coffee make it excellent to be consumed black, without milk and is ideal for the Pour Over.

Roast Level: Light 

Tasting Notes: Sugar Cane, Prune, Orange

  • Altitude

    1200 - 1400m

  • Processing


  • Location

    Nelliyampathy Hills

  • Varietal

    SLN 9 & San Ramon

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