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Thogarihunkal Estate HSD

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Thogarihunkal Estate lies in Chikmagalur and is owned by the Gowda family which has been in the coffee industry for more than 150 years.

The coffee used for this offering is sourced from the Mandalkhan Block, located at the highest elevation in Thogarihunkal Estate. Only the ripest berries are picked, sorted with utmost care and pulped using a single disc pulper which separates the fruit skin without the use of water. The coffees are dried under the shade for twelve days on raised bed trays with continuous raking to get an even moisture content throughout the beans. This medium roast coffee is recommended for espresso-based drinks.

Roast Level: Medium 

Flavor Notes: Apricot, Blueberry, Cashew

  • Altitude


  • Processing

    Honey Sun Dried

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  • Varietal

    SLN 13

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