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Kerehaklu Processing Sampler Pack

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Tucked away in Chikmagalur, Karnataka, Kerehaklu Estate sits pretty at 1100 metres and uses a range of processing methods for its coffees. Our sampler pack from Kerehaklu has given us the opportunity to showcase three of these processing methods. This sampler pack contains medium roasted natural, washed and honey sun-dried coffees from Kerehaklu so that you can taste the distinct flavour of different processing techniques of coffee grown on the same soil. 

naturally processed sample has a very fruity and complex flavour profile as the coffee cherries are dried whole. The layer of mucilage around the bean during fermentation gives the final cup its distinctive notes of cherry, strawberry and caramel.

Washed processed
coffees are named after the process in which all the mucilage is washed away. The flavour profile of this washed coffee is that of cinnamon, dates and brown sugar

Honey sun-dried coffees
are de-pulped like washed coffees but they are dried on raised beds with the mucilage on the beans. They generally have a heavier body as compared to washed coffees. While they’re not as fruity as naturals, they have more balanced acidity and rich sweetness. This honey sun dried coffee has notes of apricot, prune and honey.

The pack contains 75g of each variety.

Please note that all orders for our Processing Sampler Pack will be roasted and despatched from our Bangalore roastery.

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