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Barrel Aged Blend

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Experimenting with new coffees and processes is something we always love to do. In partnership with Sula, we’re excited to bring you a new blend made using coffee that was aged in wine barrels! We picked two of our most popular single-estate coffees - Attikan and Bibi Plantation, and stored them in Sula wine barrels for two months, rotating them fortnightly. This allowed the pores of the green beans to open up from the moisture in the wood, and take on the bold flavours of oak and rich red grapes. We have not added anything to the coffee and the flavours that you will taste developed simply from the beans being rested in wine-stained barrels. The richness of wine-like flavours perfectly complements the medium-dark roast profile of this delightful new blend that has tasting notes of toffee, pineapple and black currant. 

Roast Level: Medium Dark
Tasting Notes: Black currant, Pineapple and Toffee

Click here to shop the Easy Pour sachets of our Barrel-Aged Blend.

Note:  The Barrel-Aged Blend will be available in bottled cold brew bottles at our cafés and can be ordered via Swiggy or Zomato.

We recommend Channi Grind , If you don't have any coffee brewing equipment yet.

  • Altitude

    800 - 1650m

  • Processing


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  • Varietal

    S9 + S795 + S13

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