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Performance Marketing Manager - Facebook Ads


Our team at Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is expanding and we are looking for an experienced professional as facebook performance marketing manager. This candidate will be responsible for the execution of performance marketing activities across Facebook.  This includes creating, optimizing and managing campaigns for display, social media, affiliate, SEM, etc all rooted in careful and thoughtful data analysis. 

  • Complete responsibility of Facebook ads.
  • End to end campaign management (From forecasting to executing, monitoring, evaluating and optimizing campaign performance to generate maximum revenue)
  • Daily campaign management across all the acquisition and remarketing campaigns
  • Own channel ROI and drive improvement through data analysis & funnel optimization techniques.
  • Allocate budgets and analyze and recommend modifications to ad spends
  • Collaborate with marketing teams to guide A/B creative tests, and spend scaling tests on online campaigns to identify what works best.
  • Optimize marketing budgets to maximize CAC and efficiently scale new customers.
  • Create an effective campaign management strategy, source and implement the most effective keywords and optimize campaigns based on performance.
  • Quickly build an understanding of coffee products and coffee user types in order to effectively match the two across funnels.
  • Conduct regular competitor research to understand relevant gaps and opportunities.
  • Develop and analyze multi-touch attribution to track performance across the funnel to drive optimization.
  • Develop hypotheses and perform relevant testing to recommend optimizations.
  • Leverage customer insights to better segment, target and reach potential customers.
  • Explore new marketing opportunities such as social media channels,- apps, ad formats,
Skills and Qualifications
  • Possess at least 4 years full-time work experience in performance marketing campaign management
  • Strong knowledge of optimization and analytics tools including Facebook Ads, , Ahrefs, Google Analytics , , etc.
  • Proven ability to present and analyze data
  • Exposure to data visualization and reporting tools, such as Tableau or Google Data Studio, is a plus
  • Strong interest in staying up-to-date in digital marketing best practices, technologies and solutions.

About Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is India’s largest specialty coffee brand, with its headquarters in Gurgaon, India. Launched in 2013 as a roastery, Blue Tokai’s vision is to make great quality Indian coffee more accessible across formats. Over the years, the company has evolved and expanded its operations with standalone cafés and roasteries across India. Currently, the brand is home to 3 roasteries, over 50 physical outlets across 9 major Indian cities. In addition to these, Blue Tokai has also partnered with the country’s marquee retail outlets, luxury hotels & restaurants, top corporates and co- working spaces amongst others.
Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters has been built on a foundation of unwavering focus on transparency. The company ensures highest quality across its offerings, by sourcing the best quality Indian beans and roasting them with expertise to enhance flavours. Blue Tokai aims to make specialty coffee more accessible to consumers through its cafés, brewing classes and website. In less than a decade, Blue Tokai has roasted more than 1000 tons of coffee and served close to 3 million cups, making it a customer-favourite. To know more, visit www.bluetokaicoffee.com