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Delhi and Mumbai

Community Manager will be responsible for a range of tasks including:

Organising events and collaborations: The candidate will curate events at our roasterie and cafes in Mumbai. This includes seeking out people with a similar vision and values to organising the entire event, creating a Facebook event page with our partners, and keeping baristas informed about each event. The candidate will also seek out events off site that we can participate such as Fashion Week, corporate popups, etc.

Social Media and Content Development: The Community Manager will assist in developing content for our social media channels under the supervision of our Delhi team. In addition, the community manager will contribute posts to our blog.

Business Development: The community manager will work with our Sales Head to also reach out to cafes and get chefs to try our coffees or invite them to our roastery for tastings. Reaching out to new customers is important to our business and the Community Manager will play an integral role in this.

Customer service: Good service is integral to our vision. We are all too familiar with bad customer service and we want to make sure that each of our customers gets the best service we have to offer. This is why fielding customer inquiries on email, social media and over the phone is an essential part of this job. This is an important part of the job and the candidate must be ok with replying to customers, following up daily with couriers and responding promptly on social media.

Enriching the customer experience in our cafes: The Community Manager will interact with our customers on an ongoing basis to ensure that their experience is going well.

Share ideas on how we can continually be better: From initiatives that we can introduce to help keep our team happy to things we can do to make our customers more satisfied, we are always open to ideas!

The candidate must:

  1. Have a strong interest in coffee including learning how to taste and brew it in a number of ways
  2. Be personable and resourceful
  3. Have strong written and verbal communication skills
  4. Should enjoy working in flexible environments and with flexible requirements 5. Should enjoy interacting with people
  5. Able to work independently and resourcefully
  6. Share a writing sample along with resume