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City Head - Delhi NCR

Location : Delhi NCR

Job Description

We are looking for a talented, energetic and team-oriented individual to manage and oversee all cafe operations in the  Delhi & NCR region.  The person will be responsible for ensuring that all city operations are running smoothly and efficiently, and that the cafe's are providing high-quality services to its customers. 


Develop and implement policies and procedures:

  • The city head is responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures for all city operations. This includes creating guidelines for city employees to follow and ensuring that all operations are in compliance with the local regulations.

Team Management

  • Staff management:  Responsible for managing staff within the area of responsibility. This includes overseeing staff recruitment, training, performance management, and succession planning.
  • Budget management: As an area head, you will have budgetary responsibility for your area. You will need to manage budgets, allocate resources, and identify cost-saving opportunities to ensure that the area operates within budgetary constraints.
  • Performance monitoring and reporting: You will be responsible for monitoring operational performance within your area of responsibility. This includes analyzing data, identifying trends, and reporting on performance to senior management.

Supervisory Role

  • Oversee all daily cafe operations ensuring all SOPs are met.
  • Develop and execute systems to gather feedback from staff and customers and work on implementing improvements.
  • Deal with customer complaints or queries that escalate beyond cafe managers.
  • Ensure the store fulfils all legal health, compliance and safety guidelines and handle all official visits to the cafes.


  • Monitor and control expenses, track and grow revenue, and identify profitability improving measures.
  • Monitor and control wastage and pilferage.
  • Coordinate with the supply chain team to ensure appropriate stock levels and oversee regular stock-taking exercises.
  • Prepare cafe level and city level reports, discuss performance with management and suggest and execute required changes.


Skills Required:

  • 7+ years of operations leadership or equivalent experience with direct ownership of a P&L, change and people development involving a large front-line team.
  • Experience managing mid-level employees with a proven track record of developing high performing teams.
  • A deep appreciation for creating exceptional customer experiences and an appreciation for coffee.
  • Ability to adapt and bring structure to unstructured environments.
  • Ability to communicate in an environment where English is the second language.
  • Self-motivated, focused, driven individual who thrives in an entrepreneurial environment.
  • Must be willing to travel frequently.
  • Should have exposure of designing process controls/checks to measure the quality of output through a production process.
  • Must be familiar with Hindi & English Language.