Starter Kits

We will be closed for Diwali on the 30th of October. Our next roast following Diwali will continue as normal on Wednesday, the 2nd of November. If you'd like to ensure you have enough coffee to tie you over Diwali, we recommend placing your next order by Sunday, October 23rd.

Ideal for those who've always wanted to brew a cup of coffee but didn't know where to start from. Choose between our French Press, Cold Brew and Pour Over coffee Starter Kit and we'll ensure that you have everything to begin your coffee journey with!

Each kit also comes with a detailed guide on how to brew your coffee - including the temperature of the water, ratio and brew time. It also contains a pack of 250 g pre-ground coffee that we've carefully selected to ensure that you get the maximum flavor with your preferred brewing equipment.

If you'd like to send your partner, friend, colleague or flatmate a customised Starter Kit, select the kit of your choice and enter a special message for them and we'll send it to them with customised labels!